Risk Mitigation

What are the clouds on your horizon? Rising healthcare and workers’ compensation costs, compliance with government laws and regulations, the risk of costly litigation - any one of these can endanger your profits, or even the very survival of your business. See our list of services designed to control the costs and risk to protect your assets.

For many employers, understanding the unemployment claim process is difficult. You need experience and know-how to properly document employee disciplinary procedures, conflict resolution, and terminations. At PSM, we have the background and expertise to handle these situations quickly and efficiently. This will minimize your time spent on these issues and improve your cost management. Here's how we help:

  • Immediate response to all unemployment claims filed by terminated employees
  • Collection and preparation of documentation to aid in the claims management process
  • Support at unemployment hearings to help refute illegitimate claims
  • Completion of mandated new hire reporting

Whether you have just a few or hundreds of employees, written HR policies and procedures can help protect your company. PSM will customize the HR policies and procedures that serve as a road map for addressing workplace issues. Sample policies include: workplace health and safety, standards of conduct, leaves of absence, anti-harassment, drug and alcohol testing, and termination. Not only does this minimize liability, it provides the systems and policies needed to build a fair and consistent reputation.

PSM's full service workers’ compensation program involves securing coverage, classifying employees, and manage claims. We do all this and allow our clients to pay on a per pay period basis on actual wages. No estimations, deposits, or year-end audits make cash flow more stable and predictable.

Having the appropriate insurance coverage guarantees that the investment you and your employees have in your business is well protected against interruption or loss. If you have concerns or questions about coverage, ask us. We can do a quick assessment of your business risk at no cost to you. Where necessary, PSM can provide a more thorough examination to determine exactly what insurance protection your business might need for either security or compliance. In most cases of when a critical gap is found, we can act quickly to get specific coverage in place before an unexpected loss occurs that can drastically affect your business.

PSM's team of experts is available to perform a complete investigation and then report on sensitive workplace situations.

When it comes to complaints of harassment or discrimination, or perhaps incidents involving drugs and alcohol, an outside third-party investigator provides an objective viewpoint. PSM's team of consultants is available to perform a complete investigation and then report on sensitive workplace situations.

By working with PSM, you will automatically be enrolled in our group Employment Practices Liability insurance plan (EPLI) plan, which will protect you, the employer, in the event of a lawsuit regarding improper hiring/termination practices, harassment, or other workplace tort. This is a claims-made policy in which the cost of defense is included. As an advocate for our clients, we believe that this insurance is invaluable.

When you need expert resources and solutions for handling sensitive employment practice issues, our PSM consultants can help you. We investigate, document and determine the best course of action, proactively addressing employment practices issues in the workplace such as harassment, discrimination, performance issues, and termination.

With PSM handling compliance with complex and ever-changing government mandates, clients are able to focus on growing their companies without the worries of employer liability.

The rules and regulations governing employers are becoming increasingly complex. Understanding what is required to comply with government mandates is like playing a game where the rules constantly change.

Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Employer-related compliance notices and updates
  • Human resources training (anti-harassment, interviewing, supervisory, safety, etc.)
  • Customized employee handbooks and interpretation
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Employment forms and new hire packages
  • General HR consulting (difficult terminations, anti-harassment, compliance, hiring practices, conflict resolution, etc.)
  • Progressive disciplinary programs
  • Record keeping for employee-related transactions

Get a clear report of best practices or legal requirements for which processes should be created to add value to your organization and/or to obtain compliance.

PSM deploys an extensive auditing system that will assess your current HR functions and processes to evaluate strengths and improvement opportunities. You will have a clear report of best practices or legal requirements for which processes should be created to add value to your organization, and areas of HR development that are necessary for compliance.

Providing a safe work environment is essential to the success of any company. Whether you are a small company with office employees or a larger manufacturing firm, workplace accidents happen. Our job is to help keep you in compliance with all state laws and regulations related to worksite injury.

PSM can help you manage this critical aspect of your business in the following ways:

  • Procure competitively priced workers' compensation coverage for all client employees, including multi-state coverage (where applicable)
  • Provide periodic safety visits to ensure safe working conditions and to help avoid OSHA inspection violations
  • Maintain OSHA recording and compliance, including OSHA 300 log preparation
  • Provide onsite safety training and safety manuals
  • Conduct prompt and thorough workplace accident investigations
  • Coordinate drug testing
  • Complete claims management, interfacing with the client, the injured employee, and the injured employee's physician
  • Maintain aggressive return-to-work programs to limit lost work days

PSM provides services to help employers comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. By complying with the OSHA regulations, employers can reduce work-related illnesses and injuries, as well as accidents. It’s not enough to just hope your business will be safe. Allow PSMto help you manage and minimize the safety risks in your business.