Do You Want Loyal Customers? Start With Loyal Employees

Every business needs to build customer loyalty. But have you considered how employee loyalty affects your customers? Loyal employees will work harder, stay with you longer, and build stronger relationships with your clients than those who are looking for a way out the door. Loyalty pays off in many ways:
  • Customers will respond with repeat business.
  • Greater job security for all.
  • A lower turnover rate will save you money.
  • Loyal employees will speak well of you and your company.
  • Your business will be more attractive to new hires.

So, how can you increase employee loyalty? To become a company with loyal employees, take the time to understand what your employees need and learn how to provide it for them. Leadership, individual attention, and respect all drive employee loyalty. The following techniques can help you offer that to every employee.

Competence and Leadership
Loyalty will follow when your employees have confidence in you. If you are striving to be the best in the business, if you are honing your leadership skills and listening for feedback from your employees, they will be proud to work for you.

Loyalty will also follow when you and your managers model the good behaviors you want to see in your employees. Listen, be consistent, be equal in your judgment, and clearly communicate expectations.

Learn what motivates your employees and what generates energy. Pay attention to who engages customers, other employees, and the community when representing you. Know who participates in meetings and training sessions, and who does most of the work.

Invest for Success

Provide adequate resources for employees to do their jobs well. Buy new equipment and software when necessary, and invest in training. Do everything you can to make your workplace efficient, orderly, and a pleasant place to be.

Invest in your employees’ success, and they will ensure yours. Many employers are afraid employees will leave if they gain new marketable skills. It is truer that they will leave if the opportunity to learn marketable skills is absent.

Give and Receive Respect
Give employees a sense of freedom and control to inspire loyalty. Often, employers try to demand respect without realizing that respect is a two-way street. Show trust by resisting the urge to micromanage. Set reachable goals and give feedback. Respect their suggestions. Respect their personal lives. Be the employer who is honest and genuine in everything you say and do.

Give Small Rewards
Aside from salaries and benefits, employee loyalty is boosted by even small rewards. Words of praise, gift cards, or event tickets – all of these can show your appreciation. Be sure that rewards match the performance and distribute them fairly. Praise the sales team, but offer equal praise to the support team.

Every Little Bit Counts

You may not be able to accomplish all of these things overnight, but you can start small and build from there. Each positive step will build loyalty over time. Most importantly, move decisively in the right direction. We offer soft skill online training that may be beneficial for you or your team to build leadership competency. Please contact us for any assistance.
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