Sweeten Your Benefits with Dental and Vision Coverage

Today, attracting and keeping top-tier employees to boost your business requires comprehensive benefit packages. In addition to good medical and retirement plans, most candidates have come to expect great dental and vision insurance, too. Research shows that employees who receive a well-rounded benefits package feel higher job satisfaction, and that translates into increased commitment and productivity.

Dental Problems Go Deeper Than the Gums
In the past thirty years, dental insurance has grown from a rare fringe benefit to a standard item in many employee healthcare packages. Approximately 156 million Americans have dental coverage, according to the National Association of Dental Plans, and across the board, about 50% of companies offer it to their employees.

A key reason to offer dental insurance is that dental health can affect a person’s general health, yet many people neglect going to a dentist because of the expense. Unresolved dental issues can result in infections that are connected to diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, all of which lead to employee absences or poor work performance. Additionally, since dental needs and treatments are generally predictable and non-catastrophic, such insurance is low cost and low risk.

Vision Care is More Than Meets the Eye
Most people think of an eye exam as the familiar eye chart test, but a visit to the eye doctor can uncover diseases such as glaucoma or macular degeneration that may lead to blindness. It could also very well uncover undiagnosed medical problems, such as diabetes.

Many people put off going to an eye doctor simply because of the cost, and others may put it off as a matter of denial that they need vision correction. But poor vision can affect work performance and safety on the job, so it can easily affect a company’s bottom line.

The cost of vision insurance is typically predictable and reasonable, so it isn’t a high expense for an employer to provide it.

A Recruiting and Retention Edge
As a part of a comprehensive benefit package, dental and vision insurance can be powerful, yet reasonably inexpensive, recruiting tools. Since most valuable workers have come to expect those benefits, let us help you choose the plans that are right for your workforce and budget.
We have several options to offer businesses who wish to provide enhanced benefits for their employees. Give us a call to discuss your options.
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