Client Success Story: Reduce Time Spent on Payroll by 8 Hours a Month

Client: Dental practice with 26 employees and 3 locations

Success Story: This dental practice was using a third-party management firm to oversee their accounting, payroll, business taxes, human resource management, and benefits. By switching to partner with us instead, they reduced time spent on payroll by 8 hours a month, saved over $23,000 a year in administrative fees, and were even able to start a 401(k) plan for their employees. The majority of the payroll time savings was due to our ability to import and export payroll information, and improve online payroll access to employees and the employer. We also implemented an online new hire system which eliminated all paper tracking from the new hire process.

Result: Over $23,000 in annual administration fees saved, reduced payroll time by 8 hours a month, and added a 401(k) to their benefits plan.

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