How Can a PEO Help You Around the ACA?

"Most of the focus on the Affordable Care Act has been on whether individuals can find affordable coverage through the online marketplaces. But the law also had the goal of creating a robust insurance market for small businesses by making tax credits available to businesses that provide coverage and creating small-business exchanges where companies could more easily find low-cost plans. The small-business exchanges were barely functional in most states last year, and it remains to be seen whether the Obama administration will manage to stop the steady decline in the number of employers offering coverage to their workers." Continue reading this article by Reed Abelson, "Providing Health Insurance Still a Struggle for Small Business," in the New York Times.


We know that the effects of the Affordable Care Act continue to hurt small businesses with fewer than 50 full-time equivalent employees. Partnering with a PEO is a cost-effective alternative so that you can offer health insurance to your employees. PEO premiums are composite rates, so the cost remains the same, no matter what ages your employees are.

With a PEO, your business becomes part of a large group and thus has access to large group benefits. This collective large group plan is not subject to the restrictions of a small group. Our healthcare plan allows you to offer "large company" benefits to your employees without the burden of complex reporting. We administer employee benefits for you and assist your employees with any benefits questions, so that you can focus your time elsewhere.

The complex ACA regulations and requirements are not getting any easier to manage, especially if you already have the responsibility of running your business. Please contact us to answer any of your ACA-related questions, or to find out how a PEO could help your company.

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