Creating Diversity within a Small Company

Achieving diversity at a small company is often a challenge, but ignoring this aspect of your business limits your profitability and customer base. You could also unintentionally exclude great job candidates. The marketplace is increasingly globalized, and even small businesses need to think in large-scale terms, or you risk becoming irrelevant – or worse, obsolete. Creating a diverse work force at your company helps you remain competitive and grow with the ever-changing business environments.


Diversity means different things to different people, but typically it is the “difference or unlikeness from the norm”. Diversity in the workplace applies to languages, gender, skill set, dress code, age, opinions, perspectives, and work environment. Customers want to do business with companies they are comfortable with, and the more diverse your company, the more customers you attract.

"Diversity is one of the core growth principals of entrepreneurship with the concept of ROI-Based Diversity following a simple proposition: the more audiences you market your services or products to, the more opportunities you create to generate revenue. Accordingly, the more diverse potential customers that you have in your pipeline, the more opportunities you have to increase your revenue." Continue reading this article by Richard Levychin, "3 Diversity Strategies to Help Companies Thrive," (Forbes) to learn business strategies for a diverse team.

Still have questions about how to start planning for a more diverse staff? Contact one of our experts – we're happy to help.
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