Purposeful Hiring & Pre-Employment Screening

Hiring the wrong person significantly derails any business, but at a small company, it has an especially major impact. Detailed pre-employment screening is critical to keep your company on track. Successfully hiring the right person involves knowing what traits to look for in a potential employee, creating a compelling job ad, asking the right interview questions, diligently checking references, and effectively orienting new hires.

"In the following Q&A, small business expert Jay Goltz draws from his experience as an entrepreneur to discuss the lessons he's learned - often the hard way - about what it really takes to hire and retain the best people to run a successful business (or, in his case, five)." Continue reading this article, "Hire With Purpose: Q&A With Small Business Expert Jay Goltz," by Mary Lorenz on The Hiring Site.

Still need some guidance on hiring your next rockstar employee? We have a full team of experienced professionals who can help you through the pre-employment process. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, or read our related blogs listed below.

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