Seven Keys to Unlock Employee Productivity

High achievers typically seek careers that maximize their sense of involvement, satisfaction, effectiveness, motivation, and accomplishment. Such a career requires active engagement from you, the boss. Providing a work environment that is focused on engagement drastically reduces your turnover rates. Employee engagement also impacts company profitability by reducing recruiting costs and training costs.

Here are seven steps you can take to engage employees and maximize productivity:

1. Set Goals: Give your employees clear goals, specific directions, and the right tools to unlock their potential. Verify the employee’s understanding and acceptance of these goals and set them to work.


2. Accountability: Once you define the goals, hold the employee accountable for their actions and decisions. Help them believe in their own abilities, and encourage them to bring their all to the job.


3. Follow Up: Especially at the beginning, employees need nurturing. Stay close, but don’t micro-manage, which will only annoy them. Establish milestones along the way and check in; don’t wait until a deadline or the annual review to discuss their progress. Let them know you are rooting for them and that you support their decisions.


4. Give Rewards: Beyond the obvious paycheck, employees deserve more for meeting goals and exceeding expectations. The value of recognition in front of peers cannot be overstated. Simple perks such as movie tickets, lunch with the boss, or a gift card go a long way. Celebrate with them and the team. Make it a habit to say “thank you” and mean it.


5. Accessibility: If you are out of reach, you lose both the trust of your employees and their motivation to work hard for you. Reach out and help them know they are part of a productive team. Tell employees the truth and trust them to handle it. Explain the big rules, and then give them the freedom to do their work.


6. Keep Interest Up: Give them opportunities to input ideas on projects outside of their current role. P

rovide new training or cross-training opportunities. Challenge them, laugh with them, and have some fun together.


7. Share the Vision: Make sure each employee understands their role in your company’s vision and mission. Help them connect their daily tasks with something bigger. Everyone’s work contributes to the bottom line in some fashion. Whatever their contribution, make it meaningful.

How We Can Help

Perhaps you or your managers need help initiating these seven key steps, or maybe your company needs training to improve management skills. We’re here to help you with both consulting services and training courses that can take your company to new heights of productivity. Call us today to learn more.
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