Happy Employees are Productive Employees

Employee engagement is often a forgotten aspect of running a business; however, providing a work environment that is focused on engagement can drastically reduce your turnover rates. Employee engagement also affects the company profitability by reducing recruiting cost and training costs.  In addition, employees that are more engaged tend to take less time away for unforeseen absences and are more concerned with customer satisfaction.

"Levels of employee engagement can make or break a business. Properly engaged workers not only understand the goals of a company, but also their personal roles in helping to achieve those goals. Generally, they are happier, better motivated and more productive than their counterparts." Continue reading this article in the Houston Chronicle, "Examples of Best Practices in Employee Engagement," by Jessica Whitta.

Additionally, when it comes to engagement, don't forget to celebrate what your employees do well. Acknowledging success is as important as addressing areas for improvement. Employee engagement starts even before hiring, too. Knowing the "soft skills" you're looking for in a candidate allows you to match a new hire with your team, which improves morale and drives engagement.

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