Healthcare Navigation for Small Businesses

Navigating New Healthcare Requirements

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has over 11,000 pages and more than 1,300 regulations to further explain the bill.The ACA affects businesses of all sizes and extends beyond just those legally required to offer coverage.  Your decisions about healthcare coverage can have a widespread impact throughout your organization. With so many requirements and regulations, how do you know which parts of the law affect your business?

Making the wrong healthcare choices could also be very costly. Not only are their potential  government fines and taxes, one employer of 23 people we recently met with experienced an increase of 12% in  their health insurance plan costs. Plus,  they found a 6% ACA premium add-on was included. Addtionally, with individual insurance now a legal requirement, employees are demanding affordable coverage from employers. Not offering this benefit can result in key employees leaving.

The complexitites of the ACA continue to cause confusion, and as a concerned small business owner, you could probably use some help. This confusion has created a new consulting niche: Healthcare Navigation.

Finding a Partner in Healthcare Navigation

Certain professionals are naturally claiming the healthcare navigator title. A healthcare navigation partner advises you about new regulations, which makes your decisions easier, less stressful, and less time-consuming. Each of these professionals have different knowledge bases, different motives, and receive compensation differently, too. When seeking a partner in healthcare navigation, be careful not to confuse knowledge and motive. Here's the breakdown of healthcare navigators:




Compensation Basis 

Professional Employer 
Organizations (PEO)
All aspects of 
Human Resources
Manage HR to build their clients' business profits 
Overall HR services
Insurance Agents or Brokers Insurance plans Sell a new insurance product  Commissions on policies sold
Attorneys Human Resource laws Comply with laws to reduce risks Hourly Billing
CPAs Tax laws and accounting rules Comply with laws and rules Hourly Billing

A PEO is a Uniquely Qualified Healthcare Navigator

As experts in human resource management, a PEO could be your best choice for an unbiased, cost-effective solution to navigating healthcare regulations and choices. Not only do we have skills in health plan analysis, but we're also experts on employee retention and recruiting, regulatory compliance, and workforce motivation. We can give you a holistic view of the impact healthcare decisions have on your company as a whole. This all encompassing knowledge base makes us uniquely qualified to help you. We want to guide you in the best decisions for your company and healthcare.

We are so committed to providing this comprehensive expertise to our clients that at Professional Staff Management, we go a step further. All of our consultants are Certified Human Resource Professionals. Gaining this certification means mastery of the technical and operational aspects of HR practices and U.S. laws and regulations.

Contact us to see how our expertise can make a difference for your business.
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