No Time for Keeping Time? Let Us Help!

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) forces businesses to face new time keeping requirements for employees. The “Play or Pay” mandate will make it critical for small businesses to keep accurate track of the actual hours employees work, regardless of what is scheduled. We know that for a busy business-owner, time means money, so let us help you save time, stay profitable, and keep your company compliant.

New Record-Keeping Requirements 

Keeping accurate time records has always been a requirement for your business, but this new mandate makes it absolutely critical. Companies must decide if they will “play,” meaning they will provide benefits for their employees, or “pay” the penalties.

Calculations for this mandate are based on the number of employees and how many hours they work each week. Sounds simple, right? Not exactly. There are many specific rules on how these calculations are determined and those rules rely on the employer knowing exactly how many hours each employee works and when they work them. 

Professional Staff Management's Benefit Status Monitor Can Help

To keep your business running smoothly, we offer a time tracking software called TimeClock Plus. Our vendor has added a specialized module to their time keeping system called the Benefit Status Monitor. This module eliminates the labor-intensive manual paperwork and greatly reduces the risk of fines due to non-compliance with the PPACA. The Benefit Status Monitor is a critical tool for your company in this incredibly complex transition period to ACA.

  • The software instantly generates reports and tiered notifications about how many hours your part-time employees work, allowing you to make staffing decisions and adjust your operating needs on a daily basis. 
  • This tool helps your direct managers and compliance managers be aware of all employees who are working enough hours to be considered full-time.
  • The tool produces the required reports needed to stay in compliance and saves you time, money and administrative manpower.

With the transition to ACA compliance looming, you can rely on us to help you focus on doing business, not paperwork. Contact us if you have any questions. Our experts are happy to help you navigate through this complicated time. We’ll take care of the details of the PPACA while you take care of your business.

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