Holiday Gift Giving Guide for your Business

Every year PSM gets inquiries about holiday gift-giving. To help your business prepare for the season, we’ve created a list of tips.

Giving Gifts to Clients

  • Remember, it's not the size of the gift, but the thought that matters. A small, well-chosen, low-cost gift can have a greater impact than an expensive one.
  • Be careful not to use your gift as a means of free advertising for your company. It is okay to give branded items, but make sure the item itself will be appreciated.
  • Make sure that your client is not restricted from receiving a personal gift. If they can accept your gift, give  them something their whole company can enjoy together, like food items.
  • When possible, hand deliver the gifts to your clients for an added personal touch.

Giving Gifts to Employees

Holiday gifts are an expected benefit for many employees. Some companies stick with tradition and give a Holiday Ham or a gift card to a food store. Others opt for more personalized or company-relevant gifts. For example, one company had planned an off-site event for January and gave employees a monogrammed duffle bag for the event. Remember, personalized gifts should never be too personal or intimate – keep it professional!   

Giving Gifts to Service Providers

Service providers are the people who help your company, but are not on your payroll. Consider your cleaning service, delivery person, IT technician, or anyone who is a regular part of your operation. Prepaid gift cards or home baked goodies can let them know you appreciate them.

What about a Greeting Card?

If you are unable to give gifts, a Holiday Card is a nice gesture. A card lets the recipient know that you appreciate their patronage or contributions. Personalized cards increase the impact you have on employees, clients and service providers alike. Sending a holiday card with every employee's name, face and handwritten signature is a great way to show off your company culture and personality. There are many services that can customize and sign your cards like Vistaprint and Sendoutmail and Moocards.

Or Maybe an “Experience Gift”?

A neat trend in recent years is to give an “experience” in place of a physical gift. Experience gifts  can impress the recipient in ways that a physical gift can’t match. Sporting event tickets, theater or museum tickets create an experience and leave a long-lasting  impression. We are happy to share our insights from working with more than 200 small businesses over the last 28 years. Contact us.
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