PSM Helps Small Business Owner Avoid a Walkout

PSM HR services are backed by an entire team of experts. We provide the expertise and peace of mind small business owners are looking for. You can stay focused on your core business while our professional team helps you manage risks and contain costs, hire and retain excellence.

One of our team members recently shared a situation that illustrates how we have helped our clients manage employee unrest.

THE COMPANY: A manufacturing business with 30 to 40 employees

THE PROBLEM: A group of employees threatening to walk out if their demands were not met

A PSM Account Manager received a call early one morning from the business owner saying nine of his employees were refusing to work unless he guaranteed them more hours. It was a non-unionized environment and his initial reaction was to dismiss all nine employees. We advised him to be patient and resolve the situation differently.

After consulting our HR generalist and our legal counsel, the PSM team went over the course of action carefully considering the desired outcome and potential problems. Armed with a plan, our guy drove to the client site and found the nine employees still refusing to work.

One benefit of working with PSM—you not only get an entire team of HR professionals to review your issues but we actually help you handle your difficult situations.


  • The business owner was relatively new to this organization and had implemented changes that employees needed to support.
  • One third of the work force attempted to force the business to respond to their demands.
  • Firing  one third of the employees would seriously reduce production capabilities.
  • The number of employees involved could be construed as concerted action for labor organization.


  • The business owner, the production manager and our team member implemented a methodical process to listen to concerns, respond and allow the employees to choose. 
  • They called the troubled employees one by one  into a room and asked them a series of questions.
  • An additional challenge was that the striking employees spoke little or no English and bringing in another employee as an interpreter would complicate the communication.  So PSM assisted in getting an interpreter on the phone.
  • The business owner explained that there would be no increase in pay or hours at the moment.  He asked if they wanted to continue working under these conditions.


  • The business owner retained six good employees instead of firing and rehiring nine. 
  • The employees realized that they would not be able to bully the management into meeting their demands. 
  • They also learned that the lines of communication were open and they had the freedom to go and talk about any issues they might have.

The client needed various expertise to navigate the situations including employee relations, regulatory requirements and development of an objective process.  Our client felt confident with the expert opinions received and he was able to resolve the crisis with minimal bottom line impact.  That is how PSM goes the extra mile to help our clients.

PSM is a great resource for small companies like this one. Our professional team provides expertise on a diverse range of HR issues.

We take care of your employees so you can take care of business. Let us show you what our expertise can do for your bottom line.  Call PSM at 317-816-7007 to learn more.

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